Prime Health Protection

Effective protection and operability

Prime Protector is a collective protective equipment that protects professionals from the main physical, chemical and biological risks present during patient care.

"We would not say that Prime Protector was born because of Covid-19, but rather from the need to provide the healthcare sector with protection and greater trust to patients."


— Johann Pérez, co-founder and CEO


More than 150.000 patients treated with Prime Protector.


More than 300 professionals in the healthcare sector are using the product.


More than 600 sales to more than 300 dental clinics.


The stainless steel structure with the transparent methacrylate dome allow 360º mobility, adjust the height and free movement thanks to its rotating wheels.


Due to its easy assembly and the absence of joints in the dome, cleaning and sterilization is optimal


The components of the device are resistant to any chemicals that can be handled in their direct environment.